By using the website you agree to our cookie policy. To ensure the proper functioning of our website we sometimes place in your device little data files also known as cookies. The majority of websites do this.
What are cookies?
The cookies are a small data file which is saved onto your computer or any type of device whenever you visit a website. Because of cookies, the website keeps, for a limited amount of time, records of your actions and preferences (login, language, font size or other display preferences). As a result, there’s no need to fill in the data every time you navigate this website.
How are cookies used?
Some of the website pages use your cookies to store:
- Your display preferences, such as contrast, colour and character size
- Answers to a pop-up survey so as to not be asked again
Furthermore, some pages use cookies to collect anonymous data about how users ended up on our website and what type of content they have browsed.
Activating the cookies is not absolutely necessary for browsing the website, but it may improve your online experience. You can delete or block cookies but, as a result, some of the website features may not function properly.
The data contained within the cookies is not used to identify a user. Furthermore, the use of the data which has been collected is strictly regulated. We do not use cookies in ways other than those which have been described earlier.
Do we use other cookies?
Some of our pages or sub-sites use additional cookies or cookies with different functions than the ones described earlier. In this case, each page contains detailed information about said cookies. You may also be asked for permission to store these cookies. On every CuAnna page we use Google Analytics to track online traffic.
How can you control the cookies?
For more information, don’t hesitate to
You can delete all cookies from your computer and you can set up most browsers in order not to allow them. As a result, some services and options may be unavailable.

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